Y axis getting stuck not moving when probing the tool length

Hi everyone,

had a recent issue with the pocket NC. It has happened twice. The first time I restarted the program and it went immediately away the second time it took several tries to get it to work properly again. The issue is that when the program starts it goes to measure the tool. When the Y axis is moving to go negative to align the tool with the measurement probe the y axis stops moving and it starts to sound like the motor is stuck but sounds like its rotating internally. The coordinate in the y axis display keeps moving as if the axis is moving but it’s stuck. I have to stop the program so that the tool or the spindle does not crash. I was wondering if this is an issue with the Y axis stepper or maybe with the screw slipping from the motor drive. If you could let me know how to troubleshoot this issue.


Hi Jose,

It sounds like there is too much resistance on your Y axis so the stepper motor is slipping. We got your email as well so my colleague, Chuck, will be getting back to you with some next steps.