Z Rail Cover lifted - Now Z axis will not extend all the way

My Z rail cover lifted and I thought that I had the underside clear of debris before following this video to remedy.

#2 - Checking Rail Covers

I used the recommended Loctite 496 adhesive, but evidently there is a bit of remaining glue under the rail cover as there is a slight “bump” about mid way of the Z rail cover on the inner side. The symptom I have now is that my Z will not fully extend towards the table. It hangs and the motor makes an odd sound as it sticks in place. I am able to home the machine and there does not appear to be any issue with the Z motor.

All that said, I want to remove the now very secure Z rail cover to clean it better before using the Loctite adhesive again. My question is, what is the best way to complete this effort without bending the Z rail cover? I am hesitant pry it up. Please help :frowning: , thanks in advance.

ACETONE and PATIENCE and Very Small Amounts of instant adhesive.

I got this worked out by making quick movement with a 1.5" putty knife to separate the adhesive.

Then I used a razor blade like shown in the video and 100% Acetone to breakdown and clean up the remaining old adhesive.

Klean-Strip Acetone

Loctite 496

Tested the Z range of movement, then reapplied the instant adhesive in small dots. In the

Hi Ryan,

It sounds like you got this sorted out? The method you described above is pretty much exactly what we would have suggested.

Let me know if you have any other questions or need anything else to get this issue resolved!


All good -Q, thanks for acknowledging the method. I did get it sorted out.


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