How to cut the part from the stock in first part tutorial?


Am I understanding correctly that you would like to know how to separate (part off) the machined block from the rest of the stock?

If so, the simplest solution is to use a contour tool path on each side to cut in from each side until only a small pedestal is left and the part can broken off of the stock.

Q Rothing
Applications Engineer, Pocket NC

Thanks!This is a really easy problem but I’m a new guy to use this machine.

Hey, could you please give me some screenshot or anything else to teach me how to cut in from each side. I use the contour tool path but it can’t spawn a tool path.


The way I typically do this is to go back to the “Design” workspace and add a sketch of a box that represents the pocket or groove I want to remove to create a small pedestal. Then you can constrain your toolpath to “inside boundary” and it will only cut within your box. Typically a pocket operation or adaptive clearing is what I use. I then use a 4X circular pattern so the same cut happens on all four sides and leaves me with the square pedestal in the middle. Please see the attached images.

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Matt Rounds

Applications Engineer, Pocket NC

I have attached a Fusion 360 file that demonstrates the approach I mentioned above. The contour was made for one side and then patterned, that is is why it is nested under "Part Off [Circular].

Hopefully this helps but if you feel like you could use a bit more explanation I would suggest doing a quick search on Youtube for “Fusion 360 Contour Toolpath”. There are a lot of very informative videos on the subject.


Scratcher Holder - Program v45.f3z (1.2 MB)

Thank you! I will try this method!

Thanks a lot! I will check this file!